Who we are?

During ceremonies in Tea Houses, a piece of cloth was dipped into hot water and offered to travelers who stopped to rest
Oshibori concept also offer you a service of customization allowing you to design your packaging according to your identity, so your customers and employees can benefit.

Using the packaging of Oshibori Concept towels is ideal to promote your company: thanks to our logo personalization service, communicate differently on a new medium!

Oshibori Concept towels can accompany you during your events:

  • Seminar
  • Conference
  • Board of Directors Meeting
  • Annuak evening at the end of the year
  • Event linked to your company brand

Your customers and employees will benefit from special attention with Oshibori Concept towels and will appreciate the comfort and well-being they provide. With Oshibori Concept towels, they will have the sensation of an unforgettable welcome service and exceptional well-being.

About us

Franck Salama
It was in 2013 during a trip to Japan in the Nagoya region that Franck Salama decided to return his letters of nobility to Oshibori.
Entrepreneur at heart, and man of the field.
Franck leads Oshibori Concept International's strategy with a master hand.
Present in the Middle East and now in Hong Kong; Oshibori Concept International continues to develop.
Liza Marshall
Spring 2014, Liza Marshall joins the Oshibori Concept International adventure and gives it a new breath.
Through his many experiences in the world of luxury. Liza ensures the commercial and operational development of the company.
Caring and always attentive to her collaborators, the well being within the team is essential to her.
Liza is called feel good leader by her team!
A common vision & ambition :
To make Oshibori a standard in international luxury codes.