Welcome towel for different needs


At the reception of your SPA, make the difference in offering an Oshibori. It can be heated and used during spa treatments. Also, Oshibori towels can be placed in the fridge and used after a massage as a decongestant treatment.


Whether it is for a wedding or any private or professional events. The Oshibori is dressed like your brand.


From the arrival to the departure of your customers, proffer or thanks them with a heated or cold towel. More original than a chocolate, an Oshibori towel will be able to find out its place in your suites or rooms.


It's in a place dedicated to fitness, relaxation, and well-being where the Oshibori find its place. From the reception desk to the bathroom, the Oshibori is essential for your sports gym.


Deliver an unforgettable service in offering to your customer an Oshibori towel at the beginning or the end of the meal avoiding them to move.


Enhance your welcome's quality through an Oshibori towel. A little thing very much appreciated during trips


Improve the traveling experience of your customers. Offer a well-being moment before the boarding or on board.


Welcome your guests as they deserve it. Offer Oshiboris directly in your home. Or, as a guest, surprise and thank your host with Oshiboris


Luxury criteria evolved and are now adapted to the Asian culture. Offer Oshiboris as a welcome product in your retail store!